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The Importance Of Financial Protection

When Fiona Walker was diagnosed with leukaemia, her family’s world was turned upside down. Facing six to twelve months of intensive treatment, Fiona desperately needed full time support and care from her mother, Rose.

Rose suddenly had to juggle caring for Fiona, time away from work, the cost of additional childcare for her three-year-old son, mortgage repayments and medical expenses.

Everything was uncertain. She wondered how long their savings would last, how she would take care of both her children and when she would be able to return to work.

Thankfully for the Walker family a little preparation before Fiona’s illness went a long way.

After Fiona’s diagnosis, Rose contacted her adviser to see if they still had family protection benefit bundled into their insurance policy, which they did. Within two weeks the money was in her account. Rose’s Family Protection insurance meant she was able to get the financial support she needed so she could focus on what mattered most – Fiona’s recovery.

With Family Protection, you can protect your loved ones for the potential of if, or when, it is needed.

Family Protection can help maintain financial stability during turbulent times. It can help with the cost of your child’s treatment, meeting existing financial obligations and everyday expenses so your child can be your number one priority.

Think about having a back-up plan in place, just in case.

These thoughts aren’t pleasant but they’re necessary when you have a family. By bringing your attention to the worst-case scenario you can be better prepared and identify appropriate solutions for problems you may face in the future.

A plan will give you peace of mind and help you feel safe and secure, even if you never need to make a claim.

We all know that life doesn’t always go to plan. Sometimes our worst nightmares come true. We can’t prevent them, but we can prepare for them.

We’re here for you.

Please phone our office today if this article has you thinking about insuring your family’s protection.

This is general information only, without considering factors like the objectives, financial situation, needs or personal circumstances of any individual and is not intended as financial or other advice. Before making any decision, an individual should consider the appropriateness of the information.

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